30 October 2009

Local Food Chain

This hay . . .

Feeds these cattle . . .

These cattle feed. . .
There's the ironic thing- I'm a vegetarian. But they sure are fun to look at.


This is the type of traffic I have on my commute to and from work.

Someone there?

There you are.

This was a low traffic day.

Why you need a tractor when you get appliances delivered

We ordered a new stove and dishwasher from one of those big home improvement places. I was waiting with great impatience for the day they arrived. Like Christmas in October!!

I had gotten the automated call saying "Your appliances will arrive between 11am and 3pm, if this is ok press 1, if you need to reschedule press 2, if you can barely wait to try out your new oven press 3." Or something like that.
Then I got another automated call saying they would arrive within 30 minutes. At this point I dashed out of work, hopped in the car and headed toward home. As I was about to turn on our road I got a call from an unfamiliar number. This is how that call went.

Caller-"This is Jose with the Big Box Delivery Company, I am at your house with your appliances"
Me- "Great!!! I'm almost there"
Jose- "Well I'm outside your house, but, um, well, I'm in the grass"
Me- "That's ok" (Not like our yard is manicured or anything)
Jose- "Well, I uh slid into the grass"
Me- "OK"
Jose- "The truck is stuck in the mud"
Me- "Oh, now I get it" -starts laughing
Jose- "uh, well, uh , uh"
Me- "It's ok, it happens to the best of us" (there's a story, or two, for another day) "We have a truck, we'll get you out"
Jose- "Thanks"

By this point I am almost to the house. I pull around the barn and sure enough, there is a great big delivery truck up to the axles in mud. I can't help but laugh at the very sheepish driver when I get out. I'm glad I'm not actually the one responsible for towing people out of the mud, because I would have tried using our truck and that would have compounded the mess. Luckily there is someone much smarter who pulled the tractor out of the barn and had the truck back on the driveway in minutes.

I wish I had gotten pictures of the whole process. But I was too busy oohhing and ahhing over the new oven and dishwasher. But as a consolation, here are some pictures of the rut that the truck left.

25 October 2009

When it rains it pours

Texas weather can be a bit extreme. Horrible drought followed by heavy rains. Here's what the farm looked like this week.

This might not look like the best place to store hay bales, but this lake sure wasn't there when they put the bales there.

Other than soaking the hay, this rain has some other downsides.

The orchard down the road is having a tough time this year.

But it's not all tough luck here in Texas. When God gives you puddles you might as well splash around in them.