29 December 2009


First I want to apologize that I don't have pictures, I didn't realize at the time that I would need them.

OK, I'll back up a bit. My mom loves dark leafy greens, for example: spinach, beet greens, and kale. She cooked them all the time when I was growing up. Mom's a purist, so she just boiled them in plain water (not even salt). I hated the whole bunch - even spinach. I got over the spinach thing years ago, but I still feared kale.
Then I read this article in the October issue of Bon Appetite, by Molly Wizenberg of Orangette. As I've gotten older I've tried to acquire a taste for those things I didn't like as a kid. So I decided that kale was a perfect candidate for my palate broadening attempts. But I really hate to waste food, so I kept putting off buying kale in case I still hated it.
Then my mom came to visit for Christmas. We went shopping at the local producer's market. The proprietor pointed out some fresh kale. I suggested to my mom that we get it. She reminded me that I don't like kale - not that I had actually forgotten. I prevailed and we came home with a bunch of kale.
We prepared it according to the way that Molly described in the article. (Not the accompanying pasta recipe). And it wasn't just good, it was actually delicious. I regretted giving my mom the bigger serving. I've been thinking about it today, two days after the fact. I'm wishing the market wasn't closed till after New Year's so that I can get more.
I'm a convert- what has happened to me?
So here is the basic recipe. (I didn't actually measure anything)

Kale for kale haters
-a bunch of kale (washed, dried, trimmed and cut)
-a drizzle of olive oil
-a tablespoon or so of butter
-a sprinklnig of sea salt
-a generous grating of pepper
-a big squeeze of lemon, about a tablespoon (mine was a meyer lemon)
Heat butter and oil in pan (I used a 10 inch cast iron skillet) over medium high heat.
Add kale and listen to it pop and crackle. Toss a few times.
Season with salt and pepper.
Cook for just a few minutes, I'm guessing 3 minutes tops. Just till the kale is tender and the color brightens a bit.
Remove from heat. Squeeze lemon over, and toss to mix;. Serve hot.

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