22 January 2010


Tomorrow, Saturday, January 23rd is National Pie Day!

This is a very important holiday- certainly as patriotic as Independence Day and as full of love as St. Valentine's Day.
So why am I distraught? Because I can't celebrate, or at least not in my own kitchen.
We are in the middle of a very exciting kitchen renovation. I am thrilled about everything we are doing to the kitchen. It's just that none of my appliances are usable at the moment and I don't have a counter top to roll a pie crust on. I have some apples in the back of the fridge that are calling out to be made into a pie, but alas, not this weekend.
I wonder if anyone would let me make a pie in their kitchen? If you have an oven and some counter space, give me a holler and if I get a break from working on the kitchen, I might bake a pie to share with you.


  1. I might have some counter space for you...

  2. No counter space, but I offer an excellent quality control.

  3. We have counter space, and lots of experience with pies. Catch the next flight from Houston: we´ll meet you at the airport. Love DAD

  4. Thanks to all for the offers of counter space and quality control. It looks like we might have the new counter-tops by next week.