23 February 2010

Breaking News: SNOW!

It's snowing right this very minute!

I won't go into the 75+ degree weather we had the day before yesterday. I won't tell you how excited I was that spring had come.

Because we are getting real snow!
In Texas!
In the last week of February!
Big, fat, if slightly wet flakes!
And there is actually some accumulation- amazing considering that hot sun we had 48 hours ago.


  1. Amazing, snow the last week of February in Texas! Pics please!

  2. Will you be running home in snow shoes? I am challenging you to get a photo of an animal, any animal, on a snowy covered setting. Squirrel, cow, deer, any will do, you just have to get a snowy pic. I am in Minnesota and want to see snow in Texas.

  3. All right! You have had more snow than I this year. 0 inches this year, as in 0.000"

  4. We had soo much snow this year compared to most.