16 February 2010

Pancake Day

In some parts of the world, today is the day to make pancakes and use up all that rich butter, eggs, and sugar before Lent. For those of you who haven't been to the farm for breakfast- I have been known to eat large amounts of pancakes. I don't even need a reason or a special day set aside for pancakes. I am a life long pancake connoisseur.

So what did I have for breakfast? . . . Waffles that I made last weekend and froze. Waffles generally have more of the good stuff than pancakes, so at least I stuck with the general concept. But had I been thinking about this when I was fixing breakfast I would certainly of made pancakes.

I considered making them for dinner, but I don't think that the Texan would appreciate that. Plus, pancakes wouldn't go well with the chocolate cake I made for Valentine's Day.
So I'll just share what some of my fellow bloggers have to say about Pancakes today.

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