18 April 2010

Why did the chicken cross the road?

No idea.
 But I can tell you why the tom turkeys did.
Because they were following the hen.

This little gang, there were two hens and two toms, took their time strolling by my office. The guys were gobbling and strutting and flashing their feathers the whole time. It was quite a show. Meanwhile the hens were just snacking and walking like there weren't two big showy toms following them.

I wish I had some better pictures, but it was a dark rainy day and this was the best my little camera could do.

17 April 2010

A live animal on the road

After the recent posts about dead things on the road, I thought I would shake it up with an animal that I found on the road that was alive and well.
He was sort of shy.

16 April 2010


This is a busy time of year for roadkill. It seems like all the animals are getting out and around more and sometimes they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whenever I see something sort of flat and brown on a country road I assume it is an animal that had a losing battle with a car.

As I approached my driveway, I saw something in the road a few feet from the mailbox. My first thought was, "Boy that's going to stink when I open the window to get the mail." But as I got closer I saw this.

Yep, it's leather, but not like what is left of a 'dillo when the clean up crew is done.
I've never understood the one shoe on the side of the road phenomenon.

I can understand when I see a little kids shoe. Maybe the kids were getting a little rowdy in the back seat and a shoe went out the window. I can imagine the child not wanting to get in trouble, so they don't say anything, not realizing that at some point Mom or Dad will get them out of the car and notice the missing shoe.

But an adult size shoe, it just doesn't make sense.

Now, my brother once lost two shoes at the same time, but that is a story for another time. And I'm sure he wants me to share it.

15 April 2010

Clean Up Crew

I saw these guys cleaning up an armadillo a few mornings ago, on the way to work.
By afternoon, they were gone and the 'dillo was just a leathery shell.
I never figured out what these guys had found in our neighbors field.
I'm sure they got it cleaned up though.

04 April 2010

Happy Easter!

03 April 2010

Local Farm Breakfast

I get teased occasionally about the substantial breakfasts that I eat. So I thought I would share this and brag on some of the wonderful food produced in Central Texas. The eggs are from a local farm. (I'm not the greatest at frying eggs. They may not be pretty, but they were delicious.) Unfortunately, wheat isn't much of a Texas crop, but the milk, eggs and honey in the bread are local. And the bread was baked in my own kitchen, so that should count for something.  The grapefruit is grown about 40 miles south of our farm. And the Indian Paintbrushes are from my yard.
I noticed some sort of berry- maybe blackberries, growing in a ditch near my home. They have the beginnings of berries on them, so maybe before long I will have some local berries to go with my breakfast.
What tasty things are growing in your neck of the woods?

02 April 2010

Working by Moonlight

It's not just the worms that are getting busy now that it is warming up.

01 April 2010

Full Worm Moon

The full moon this month gets it's name from the warming of the earth and the surfacing of earthworms.