03 April 2010

Local Farm Breakfast

I get teased occasionally about the substantial breakfasts that I eat. So I thought I would share this and brag on some of the wonderful food produced in Central Texas. The eggs are from a local farm. (I'm not the greatest at frying eggs. They may not be pretty, but they were delicious.) Unfortunately, wheat isn't much of a Texas crop, but the milk, eggs and honey in the bread are local. And the bread was baked in my own kitchen, so that should count for something.  The grapefruit is grown about 40 miles south of our farm. And the Indian Paintbrushes are from my yard.
I noticed some sort of berry- maybe blackberries, growing in a ditch near my home. They have the beginnings of berries on them, so maybe before long I will have some local berries to go with my breakfast.
What tasty things are growing in your neck of the woods?


  1. I like the photo lay-out. Is that cinnamon-raisin bread? My apple trees have not blossomed yet, and my blackberries are months away.

  2. Yum! Invite me over for breakfast some time or maybe I will just arrive when I smell it comning out the back door. I could eat the whole loaf of raisin bread.

  3. bluenose- Yes, That is cinnamon-raisin bread.
    Anon- Maybe we can make some next weekend!