16 April 2010


This is a busy time of year for roadkill. It seems like all the animals are getting out and around more and sometimes they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Whenever I see something sort of flat and brown on a country road I assume it is an animal that had a losing battle with a car.

As I approached my driveway, I saw something in the road a few feet from the mailbox. My first thought was, "Boy that's going to stink when I open the window to get the mail." But as I got closer I saw this.

Yep, it's leather, but not like what is left of a 'dillo when the clean up crew is done.
I've never understood the one shoe on the side of the road phenomenon.

I can understand when I see a little kids shoe. Maybe the kids were getting a little rowdy in the back seat and a shoe went out the window. I can imagine the child not wanting to get in trouble, so they don't say anything, not realizing that at some point Mom or Dad will get them out of the car and notice the missing shoe.

But an adult size shoe, it just doesn't make sense.

Now, my brother once lost two shoes at the same time, but that is a story for another time. And I'm sure he wants me to share it.

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  1. good boot story and do share about your little brother, he might get a kick out of it.