28 May 2010

Garden Update

To answer last week's question, I'm having my best gardening year yet, but it is still way too early to call.

We seem to have gotten through the caterpillar stage thanks wholly to Bacillus thuringiensis. Now it is grasshopper time.

They are really bad this year and are eating the strawberries, tomatoes, chives and even daffodils greens!

So far some of the herbs are faring better. It seems that maybe the herbs with more pungent oils are less attractive to the grasshoppers. Currently the mint, oregano, basil, rosemary, parsley and thyme are undamaged. But I don't know how long that will last as the grasshopper population explodes in the next few weeks.
 My chaste tree has doubled in size this year.
The blooms are stunning and attract all sorts of critters. The other morning we glanced out the bedroom window and there was a hummingbird flitting from bloom to bloom.

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  1. Your chaste tree is lovely. Too bad all your garden died!