11 June 2010

Garden Update

I spoke too soon when I said that I was having a good gardening year so far. The plague of grasshoppers continues.
I read somewhere that grasshoppers don't eat tomatoes. Well they do in Texas.
Here is a  picture of an herb/flower bed by my kitchen window. It was taken on May 21.
Here is a picture taken on June 11.
Notice anything missing? Yep, the grasshoppers ate my chive plant down to the ground. In case you are wondering why I don't fight back, trust me, I've tried. Since these are herbs and veggies, I don't want to put anything too toxic on them. I applied Nolo Bait to my whole yard earlier in the spring, when the hoppers where little. More recently I have been applying a plant oil based insect repellent that was recommended by my local gardening center guy (sorry, can't remember the name.)
It's hard not to take it personally, when there are 100 acres of hay for the little punks to nibble on, but no, they want to eat my tomato instead. I  guess the one upside to the whole thing is that they eat Johnson grass (a weed that grows in the hay field.)


  1. Have you tried making a fine mesh cage for the tomatoes, and other plants? You can use window screen.