10 August 2010


The cowboys and cowgals get the best view at the rodeo. Those of us walking around on our own two feet, get a good view of the horses' behinds.
Our local rodeo is held in an outside arena. It doesn't start until the sun goes down. So if blurry photos give you a headache, you may want to skip the rest of this post.
 We were walking around checking out the booths and people watching during the breakaway roping. When we sat down the tie-down roping was about to start.
Next came an event that may shock some protective parents.
All the children in the audience under age 12 were invited down into the arena.
The kids lined up and. . .
several calves with ribbons tied to their tales were released at the other end of the arena.
The goal for the kids was to be the first one to grab a ribbon and run it back to the announcer. That kid won a bike.
Back to the professionals. . . actually,  not quite professionals. As the Texan pointed out- in rodeo events at this level more contestants fail then succeed. But I can't judge, I've never even ridden a horse.
What is a rodeo without clowns?
They had a skit that involved small explosives and some political jokes (which didn't lean the way I would have expected at a rodeo).
Then some team roping. Did you know that roping teams can be co-ed.
None of these teams were.
But then came barrel racing, which is all ladies. This is my favorite event. It is fast and the horses are amazing athletes.
Oh yeah, there was one more event. That one that everyone thinks of when you say 'rodeo' - bull riding. There was some of that. As I mentioned this is a fairly small local rodeo (not that I have anything to compare it to). Most of the contestants are from towns within 200 miles of us. The guys that can consistently ride a bull for 8 seconds aren't doing it in small town rodeos. So no impressive pictures of that.

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  1. blurry is good and I enjoyed the clowns, kids running for a bike and the elephant ears.