28 February 2011

Joy! First Daffodils Bloom!

This bloomed yesterday.
This is the tiniest daffodil bloom that I have ever seen. The entire bloom could fit on a dime. And the foliage is about as big around as a garlic chive. But most amazing is that it is one of the daffodils that had to be transplanted last week. And it not only seems ok, but is blooming!!!!
This is the new daffodil layout. The portion of the bed in the right foreground is new. The long curled leaves are paper whites that I was given for Christmas and hopefully will take to life outside.
The elephant also got transplanted. ;)
This one is for you, Mom. My herbs and strawberries before they get eaten by the evil grasshoppers.

25 February 2011

More stuff in the road . . .

I saw this on the way to work. This is the type of thing you don't see on city streets.
Actually, when I was in college in the city, I frequently saw bones from fried chicken. But seeing a big, sun-bleached cow bone is a little different.
The rest of the skeleton was across this fence. I am guessing some dog or coyote had been wandering off with a snack, but when startled by a vehicle dropped the bone.
While I was taking these photos, a guy drove by in a truck and gave me look like that said something like. "What kind of a city slicker takes pictures of cow bones?"
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23 February 2011

It's a bird, It's a plane. . .

On the way down the driveway the other day we saw something in the field. So we headed across the field after it.
It was indeed a big black boar.
Whoops, sometimes taking pictures from a moving vehicle doesn't work so well. For the record, I was the passenger, I don't advicate shooting while driving. ;)

And once the boar made it safely through the fence, he took a breather.
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21 February 2011

Coyote from the kitchen window

One day I will have one of the super cameras with a humongous zoom lens to better catch the critters. But until then. . .
This guy was walking around in the yard one morning, but by the time I had grabbed my camera, he was in the lower field.

14 February 2011


We have a pair of eagles nesting in our lower field.

They seem like a happy couple.


Happy Valentines Day! 

10 February 2011

Snow- No really

I've posted snow pictures here before.
But these are the real thing.
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