03 March 2011

Meet Tex

After posting a picture of Katie, I realized that our cats haven't been featured here yet. So I would like to introduce Tex, also known as T.T.. The Texan rescued her from a Texaco truck stop parking lot on I-10, hence the name.
I won't tell you that she is my favorite of our three cats, because that wouldn't be nice. . . so, I will just say that she has a great personality.

02 March 2011

Front - No Rain

01 March 2011

Snow Remnants

So, no the snow is not still around. But I forgot to post this photo at the time.
When it fell, the snow was way to dry to even make a snowball with. The next day, the snow that remained in shady areas was damp and packable. So I made this snowman. And Katie, the aggressively friendly cat, wanted to cuddle him.
Katie is still around, the snowman. . . well maybe he caught a train headed north.